Party Pan 17” round


Make a statement and embrace cooking for a crowd with the stunning new 17" party pan from Smithey, our largest creation to date. Hand-forged by our skilled blacksmiths and destined to be a treasured family heirloom, this pan will have you thinking big. Perfect paella? Sure thing. Spatchcock a turkey? No problem. Fry up a dozen eggs and bacon at once? Why not?  Did we mention that it’s BIG? It also functions as a beautiful serving piece for those times that call for cooler appetizers or oysters on the half shell. You’ll have fun with this one – use it well!    

The party pan is designed to move and feed a crowd.  Note that while it is compatible on all heat sources, this pan will be most at home over a big grill outdoors or supersized stovetop in the kitchen. 

Diameter (top): 17”

Cook Surface: 14"

Total length: 20.5"

Depth: 2”

Capacity: 7 QT

Weight: +/- 9 lbs


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