Faces of Talent

In true Blue Note tradition the cover of Till Bronner's self-titled 2012 album is in itself a work of art. The musician--who had played with Natalie Cole and Dave Brubeck before he became a celebrity himself--enjoys being photographed by star photographer Andreas H. Bitesnich, resulting in portraits that are cool but without a hint of artificiality. Bronner is not only one of the best and most successful jazz trumpet players of our time, but he also has a special relationship with the visual arts. Since the moment he received his first Leica camera, he discovered a love of photography and is turning the tables. He captures internationally famous musicians and actors from Beth Ditto to Armin Muller-Stahl, David Guetta to Gregory Porter. Because of his musical background, Bronner has the necessary feeling for timing and the right orchestration. His photographic style is spare and no method is an end in itself. The result: impressive black-and-white portraits that reveal unknown sides of familiar faces. When viewing these images you can immediately sense that there is a special relationship between the photographer and his subjects--making these photos exceptionally compelling.

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