The House of Porter a lifestyle: a reminder for our community to take a moment for themselves, create beauty in their lives, and enjoy their home. 

Not only do we offer full service design, interior design, intimate event planning and more, but we invite you to come visit and shop our showroom. The House of Porter showroom is not just a retail store, but a home away from home. We create that at-home, timeless feeling by curating our space like an actual home, collecting from artisans and vintage markets all over the world. So when you visit us at the The House of Porter, everything you see is for sale. 

The House Of Porter offers products, both branded and curated from like-minded companies, that help our customers better themselves from the inside-out. The House Of Porter offers the perfect accompaniment for the moment in life to help you take a deep breath and relish in the present. 

By coupling this unique curated brand experience with our team’s extensive network and renowned experience, we offer a new way to build your perfect home, design your dream bedroom, or find the cups you’ve been dreaming.