Garden Party

Jul 22, 2021

Garden Party

Hot afternoons that fade into comfortably cool evenings are perfect for spending outside with friends and family. Sip on something refreshing, nibble on effortless summer foods, and enjoy the sunshine! 

Here’s our tips on how to host a gorgeous garden party: 


Bright, beautiful summer blooms are in their prime, making them the perfect choice for your centerpieces. Whether you get your flowers from the store or harvest them from your garden, they’ll elevate your space. Think outside of the box when it comes to containers: vases are great, but you can also experiment with jars, mugs, ceramic and wooden containers, and more. Mix it up with flowers of different sizes, colors, and heights, and don’t forget some greenery! If you need help decorating an event, or a table for a small dinner party,  we offer floral arrangement services to create a unique and beautiful offering that’s perfect for your needs, contact us for more details.


Be sure to have something that provides shade so your guests can take a break if the sun gets too intense. If you don’t already have enough shaded areas, umbrellas, pop-up canopies, and shade sails are all options that are beautiful and easy. You’ll also want to make sure there is ample, comfortable seating-- unique cushions will keep your guests comfortable while making it easier to follow a color scheme or theme. Try creating more spaces to lounge by putting down some rugs or blankets, and adding plenty of cushions and pillows for a picnic vibe. This glass garden table is perfect for hosting.


Great refreshing drinks are key to helping you and your guests beat the summer heat-- so be sure to keep them flowing! There’s plenty of amazing options for cocktails, from summer classics like sangria, mojitos, or a fruity margarita, or you can experiment with making your own unique drink with a blend of summery fresh fruit or herb flavors. Try one of our favorite mixers El Guapo’s Mojito mix and sip on it in one of our beautiful new or vintage glasses.  Be sure to put out some pitchers of iced water too so everyone can stay hydrated!


Serve something light, fresh, and delicious. A charcuterie board filled with a selection of meats, cheeses, snacks (wine chips), condiments, and fruits so your guests can graze is always a crowd favorite. Be sure to mix lots of different flavors and textures: sweet and savory, pungent and fresh, and creamy and crunchy, just for a few examples. High-quality jams made with farm-fresh fruit such as Blackberry Farms’ jams offer the perfect sweet note that pairs well with cheeses.


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