Five Reasons You Should Shop Vintage

Nov 09, 2021

Five Reasons You Should Shop Vintage

The word vintage describes an item that has stood the test of time upon its creation. To date these items, could range from 20 to 99+ years ago. The best vintage pieces are ones that have maintained their essence since they were crafted and display the most popular attributes of the time it was made. Vintage pieces capture the art and soul of the era it was created and when added to your home can be a timeless escape.  

  1. Craftsmanship: Upon looking at a vintage furniture piece, you can easily see the quality in its structure. Modern furniture does not have that same essence or story-telling beauty of the work of vintage pieces. These vintage pieces are made to last a lifetime.

  2. Character: Even with a different version of modern trending every few years, a well-curated vintage furniture collection conveys a life of history while giving you that personal touch we all desire. Overall, these pieces display a greater level of creativity due to the individuality of each piece in its crafting. An effortless and beautiful home is created when the pieces within it are carefully selected to balance out one another. This is done by taking pieces from different eras and cultures (think Art Deco and Contemporary) to create the look that is YOUR home. 

  3. Chronicles a Story: The artistry, creativity, and wear on vintage pieces are able to tell us a story from the time it was created to its newest home. These pieces collect character as it ages and moves- telling stories for generations to come. Whether it’s a stagecoach chest from the Wild West or a Victorian trunk from the old country, there will always be a story to tell. 

  4. Consideration of the environment: We all want to do our part in helping our planet and a simple way to do that is by shopping for vintage furniture. This will help in reducing landfill waste from production as well as assist in deforestation levels. Finding pieces for your dream home can be sustainable as well!

  5. Cost and Value: Investing in your home can take part in the furniture you fill it with. A vintage piece will not only be timeless, but it comes at a remarkable price that will be worth more as it ages. These items appreciate as they age which can not always be said for their modern counterparts. 

To find all the designs and vintage pieces you may want for your home, come to The House of Porter for your single destination for all your timeless treasures. Our expert design team has curated many dream homes with gorgeous finds that will ensure your unique narrative is displayed no matter the size. 

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