Find Your Match: Pillows

Aug 02, 2021

Find Your Match: Pillows

What comes to mind when you think about pillows? A necessary item to provide comfort, yes, but also a way to inject a certain energy and personality into a space. They effortlessly elevate the look of any seating arrangement or bed, and are one of the easiest ways to switch up a space with changing seasons and tastes. We’ve consulted our design experts to give you some tips on how to choose pillows that feel uniquely you!  

Choose pillows with a variety of shapes, textures, prints, and colors to keep things intriguing. The rectangular lumbar pillow in the center contrasts with the print of the couch and the square-shaped cushions. Off to the sides, the mismatched pillows add a touch of whimsical charm, as well as accents of color that play well with the colors of the rug and other decor. 


Choose a few accent colors and incorporate them into your space with your pillows. Here, the Jasper vintage pillows and rug add touches of blue and beige, while the velvet pillows and leaf arrangement add a pop of green, breaking up all the brown colors of the wood. Limiting the accents to a few colors helps to keep the look cohesive, and the fabrics of the pillows pair well with the classic, vintage vibes of the room.



These pillows fit perfectly into the light and effortless style of the room, adding color and interest without being overwhelming. Be sure not to go too overboard with your pillows-- you still want to make sure your guests have space to sit comfortably! Keep the proportions roughly the same when you’re using more pillows to keep the room looking polished. 

Need more help curating your pillow collection, or looking for something custom? Come visit our store in Brentwood, where you can browse through swatches of fabric and choose your desired size to perfectly fit your living space.


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