The House of Porter’s 5 Thanksgiving Essentials

Nov 17, 2021

The House of Porter’s 5 Thanksgiving Essentials

Thanksgiving is a time for us to gather with our loved ones to enjoy a delicious meal together. While it’s a simple premise, the Thanksgiving host has many different components to consider to create a great festive vibe so everyone can enjoy themselves. Here, we’ve rounded up our five essentials to remember when planning your evening

1. Drinks

Handing your guests something to sip on shortly after their arrival is key to setting your Thanksgiving celebration smoothly in motion. We love this Cider Prosecco Cocktail, which combines fall flavors such as crisp apple, aromatic rosemary, and woodsy cognac and lightens them up with fun and fabulous bubbly. 

1/2 ounce apple cider, chilled

1/2 rosemary simple syrup

1/3 ounce cognac

Prosecco, chilled

Rosemary sprig

Pour the apple cider, rosemary simple syrup and Cognac into a champagne glass. Top with Prosecco and garnish with a sprig of Rosemary.

2. Music

The perfect soundtrack creates the right ambiance around your table, filling in those little silences to make your guests feel comfortable and ready to have a fabulous evening. When it comes to choosing your tunes, smooth, warm, and mellow is the right groove. Listen to our favorite Holiday Dinner Playlist.

3. Set the table (and the mood)

It’s time to bring out your best-- after all, it’s a celebration! Unique, luxe tableware is perfect to complement and elevate that menu you’ve spent so long curating. We love these ebony salad servers that showcase the gorgeous grain of natural wood, adding to the presentation. Pair with photogenic plates-- we love the elegantly rustic look of handmade ceramics, or the polished look of patterned porcelain. 

4. Flowers

Bring a sophisticated, autumnal palette of colors into your space the natural way-- with a seasonal floral arrangement. For a classic, rustic look, choose different warm tones, with plenty of greenery to complement. A less traditional combination of succulents in tones of green, white, and purple add interest and earthy colors to your table. Or go minimal-- using just one focal blossom and green accents. Whatever flowers you select, our experts can turn them into the perfect arrangements for your space. Complement with a ceramic or glass vase that brings the look altogether. 

5. Candles

Bathe your space with the warm glow of candles to add a festive atmosphere. The flickering flames have a calming and soothing effect and instantly add an elegant touch. Scented candles can be used before your meal while your guests are sipping on their drinks and mingling, but during the actual meal, avoid heavy scents that can distract from the flavors of the food, as much of our sense of taste is based on smell. Mix your candles with different holders to add interest to your table.

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